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About Us


Sprocket is built by Sope. A web development company based in Melbourne Australia. Through our Microsoft 365 & SharePoint consulting we have learned the intricate details of what the platform can do. We also know the limitations, which is why we built Sprocket. We like to think that Sprocket supercharges Microsoft 365 & SharePoint and can help every organisation around the world do more. We are passionate about what we do and love developing products and solutions that help people work better together. We hope you love Sprocket and we love you for supporting us.

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Big thank yous go out to all of our team at Sope. Everyone from the development team to consultants to support. You are all amazing! Special mentions to:

  • Trent A, Clark T, Ali R, Renee G, Emily S, Joseph J, Alex P, Kyle M, Kyle L

A big thank you for supporting us!